Services offered

The Studio offers a wide range of services in photography production and post-production for commercial and decorative use.
To support your business and marketing I can produce business presentations, on-line courses and tutorials.
I am also a teacher / trainer for different photography disciplines and for on-line based education process. 


Product photos

I will create a set of photos of your products for catalogues, presentations and e-shops.

Photos of properties

I can help you to elaborate your projects, annual reports and web more attractive with photos of your objects, buildings, interiors and gardens.

Reportage photos

Do you organize events and do you need documentary photos for your web, reports or marketing and promoting materials?

Decorative photos

Photos from Photostolba galleries

Post-production of photos

Multimedia objects

Business and product presentations


Lessons and objects for e-learning

Workshops and courses

Composition of a photographic image

Digital photography

Genre in photography

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