Mongolia / Монгол Улс

This summary contains links to all content published on this web (photo sets and photos) that I took in Mongolia. All relevant events are also represented here. Please click on the photo to jump to the respective set that will be opened in the same folder. To come back to "Mongolia" summary, please, use the back arrow of your browser.

Mounted pictures 

A SET 1 of mounted photo pictures

A SET 2 of mounted photo pictures


Zavkhan province (aimag)
Завхан аймаг

Khuvsgul province (aimag)
Хөвсгөл аймаг

Bayan-Ulgii (aimag)
Баян-Өлгий аймаг


Eagles of Mongolian Kazakhs

The "Ice" Beatles, Ulaanbaatar

A set of products of Mongolian craftmen

Mongolian dancers, musicians and singers
Монгол улсын дуучид, бүжигчид, хөгжимчид нар


Aryabal Temple Meditation Center
Арьяабал бурханы бясалгал, номын хийд

Hotel Terelj Mountain Lodge


Young cranes' wooing dances, Mongolia

A colony of common tern on the Mongolian lake Uvs

Relevant events 

The exhibition “Mongolia” in the Municipal museum of Jilove u Prahy

The exhibition ”To Chinggiskhan’s country” in the Golf Clubu Beroun

Exhibition ”To Chinggiskhan’s country” in the Rose Teahouse, Prague

The exhibition “Mongolia”, Jacques exhibition hall, Dolni Brezany

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